Gus Worland: a bigger man for having lost a lot of weight

Now he runs a Marathon.

Just six months ago, The Triple M Grill Team’s Gus Worland weighed in at a dangerously unfit 140kgs. The self-confessed, former chocolate-eating, cheesecake-loving radio host, husband and father, not only stepped up to the challenge of shedding the kilos but has succeeded in defeating his old habits. 

This morning he ran the New Marathon – 42 kilometres in six hours and twenty-nine minutes.

This wasn’t some sort of radio stunt designed to poke fun at Matty Johns’ and Mark Geyer’s previously pudgy co-host. It was the culmination of a deadly serious endeavour supported by Worland’s fitter mates to help change his lifestyle and repair his body. John’s and Geyer both expressed how proud they were of their co-host’s mighty achievement.

Another of Worland’s  best mates, growing up together, actor Hugh Jackman was on hand to cheer him on and was moved to tears at the finishing line of the TCS New York City Marathon.

Jackman said, “Gus’s life has changed forever…I had tears in my eyes.

“He cried like a baby when he crossed the line, he made it, he crushed it.

“I was really proud of him, he said he had some pretty major doubts as he was going through….when he crossed the line you saw what that cost him, it was really hard, it was everything, it’s a big moment for him but it’s inspiring for anybody.

“For someone like Gus…he never saw himself as someone who could do that sort of thing, I think he just always resigned ‘I’m just not that guy’…he’s changed that…it’s true you can feel it.”

Gus said, “I’m feeling awful, I feel so bad mate… I’ve made it, it’s done now, so I’m really pleased right now, the family, everyone’s here… I’m feeling good now but it hurt the whole six and a half hours.

“This has been an unbelievable trip for me, the last six or eight months, to do what I’ve done and try to get fit and healthy again, I’m pleased that I’ve finished the race, the measurements are down, the weight is down and I guess now is the key moment to enjoy it for a couple of days and then get back on the horse and make sure I don’t throw it all away.”



Triple M’s Grill Team listeners following Gus’ progress to health and fitness have shared a few laughs along the way – including the image of Worland in red budgie smugglers on the beach in Sydney, and there was that tiny incident with the private investigator tracking his moves to prove he didn’t always follow through with his training commitments.

Despite the odds, Worland is now a bigger, better man for his efforts #WINNING

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