Hamish and Andy dig into their archives for a Remembering Project

The world has changed enormously over the last 20 years and Hamish & Andy have been broadcasting through all of it.

The boys have dug deep into their extensive archives and have created a new podcast series, Remembering Project, to see what they can remember, or what they would rather forget.

They have kept notes from over 2,500 shows, across two decades and have gone back through them to see if they can recall what was going on behind the scenes at that exact time, whether it’s a personal memory, a poignant moment in history, the time a 19 year-old Taylor Swift surprised them by agreeing to a prank at a McDonald’s restaurant, a secret kept from Ron Howard or just a perfectly silly segment remembered with fondness.

Hamish and Andy will go back and listen to the original audio from either their drive radio show on the Hit Network, start on community radio or number one ranking podcast, and often they’ll find that their recollections are completely incorrect which makes for a fantastic and surprising trip down memory lane with Australia’s most loved and successful radio and podcast duo.

Andy Lee said: “We’d love to say that this new podcast is full of amazing historical audio moments that will conjure up great memories for all, but we can’t really remember what was going on back then to be honest.”

Hamish Blake added: “It’s kind of the point of the show really. I’ve got a feeling there will be just as much cringing as celebrating.”

Executive Producer, Sam Cavanagh said: “When we started digging into the archives the first thing that struck me was the sheer volume of content the boys have produced. It has been a joy discovering how differently they remember some of the incredible adventures 20 years of broadcasting has taken them on. It really has been a lot of fun, even when some recollections don’t quite line up!”

The first season of Hamish & Andy’s Remembering Project will launch on Monday, 12 October and publish every Monday and Tuesday until Tuesday, 15 December. Season two will launch in early 2021.




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