Hamish and Andy give one year’s notice

Hamish and Andy will leave radio at the end of 2017.

The duo gave a year’s notice at the end of their last show for 2016 today, telling the crowd at their Byron Bay OB:

“Next year will be our final year for radio… but that’s a year away so don’t get too sad… 

“We were thinking of stopping this year, but we are having too much fun.” 

In their usual style the pair told their audience the news first on ‘the people’s show.’

Speculation about whether they would return to radio led the pair to explain that they will start late next year, on March 27, because of tv commitments early in 2016. But during January and February listeners will hear best-of highlights from past shows to celebrate the pair’s ten years on radio, themed as ‘ten years in ten weeks.’

“It’s a funny thing to call it a year out, it feels a bit like we’re making a big deal about dessert when we haven’t finished eating our entrees yet… but the reason we are telling you now is… [so you] can come on the ride together… it can be a really fun celebratory year and we can go out with a bang,” they told the live audience.

Listen to the final moments of thier last 2016 live show here.