Warnie unloads on Australian tabloid magazines

Aussie cricket legend Shane Warne joined Triple M Brisbane’s Marto and Ed Kavalee for Breakfast this morning.

Warnie was on the show to launch his new Warnie Mojis and did not hold back when asked about how his life is reported on in Australia!
Are people getting offended too easily these days and is it creating less fun in society?
“I do. I’m all for it. I think there are things you just can’t say, there is a line but the other thing is you’ve got to remember is it’s fun. So something insignificant or something that’s a little bit tongue in cheek, you’re allowed to not be too PC about everything. Too politically correct, too quick to jump and nail people. Australia in its DNA is all about taking the mickey out of yourself, it’s all about fun and she’ll be right mate.”
Are the tabloids in England the worst for nailing Warnie?
“Without trying to be funny, we’re worse here. Some of our magazines that make up lies, they’re factually incorrect, they go on for weeks and weeks and bang on about absolute rubbish. We’re worse than anyone. We are worse than anyone and that is a bad thing for Australia. It’s ridiculous, it’s out of control.”
Is there one magazine that attacks Warnie the worst?
“Those women’s magazines, I don’t know how they continually get away with it. It’s just ridiculous. I had something the other week in one of them. I’m very civil with my ex-wife Simone. She’s the mother of my children, she does a wonderful job. I’m friends with her, but, I never even spoken about anything about reconciling with her. We’re just friends and suddenly, double page spread I want to get back with her source says, that’s just rubbish. It’s just pure fact lies that just made up. They shouldn’t be able to do it that’s the problem. There’s too many people out there that buy them, and they like listening to lies, they’re lies. They are just lies.”
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