Hamish & Andy’s tip top citizen swap

Hamish and Andy will create a world first next week on Christian O’Connell’s Absolute Radio UK breakfast show.

Hamish and Andy will connect and simultaneously broadcast live with the UK breakfast show for two games of high stakes Rock Paper Scissors. 
Hamish and Andy are sending a listener and their friend to London, but how long they stay for will be determined after they go up against the UK radio host in the universal decider – a game of Rock Paper Scissors.  Christian will also be sending one of his listeners to Oz in a citizen swap that keeps the Australia v’s UK rivalry alive. 
The listeners will arrive at the airport and be blindfolded on their journey in to the respective radio studio for the most intense game of Rock Paper Scissors ever.  If the listener’s win the all important games they will get 6 nights accommodation for 2 adults in the UK and 6 nights accommodation for 2 adults in Australia respectively. If they lose they are returning straight to the airport, with deflated citizen pride, and another 24 hour flight.
SCA’s Head of National Content and Development, Dave Cameron, said ‘Hamish and Andy’s Citizen Swap to  launch 2016 continues to showcase Hamish and Andy’s focus on creating original, adventurous, never been done before ideas that this show has become uniquely famous for’.
Within days thousands of entries have flown in and next week the two shows will  broadcast live together across the UK and Australia –  Christian O’Connell’s in the 6am hour, Hamish and Andy’s in the 5pm hour. 
Will Australia be waltzing or will Britannia rule?

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