Heidi, Will and Woody weigh in on the Hottest 100

Heidi, Will and Woody have asked listeners to vent about whether Taylor Swift should be included in the Hottest 100 as they shared their views on whether she was eligible for the countdown.

Heidi couldn’t understand the outrage, “Lets be honest, the hipsters have come out sending tweets all over the place, how much of a joke it is, but no one’s died. I want Taylor Swift to win because that would be a huge moment.”

“It would be the beginning of the end” replied Will, an open triple j fan. “This is people’s favourite day of the year”.

During the discussion, Heidi touched on the elephant in the room, that they were using 92.9 airtime to discuss another station’s programming, by conceding that on Australia Day, it attracted the majority of listeners.

“We are speaking about another radio station but on Australia Day, what do most people listen to?”

The trio released a hipster parody video of the the song this morning.


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