Heidi, Will & Woody discuss gun laws with US SWAT trainer

Off the back of the horrific terrorist attacks in Orlando and as American once again debates gun laws, Heidi, Will & Woody spoke to US SWAT trainer, Scott Reitz, who had a different take on the US gun law debate.
Reitz has an impressive resume including ten years training SWAT members as ex-SWAT himself, 30 years as LAPD, is Federal and Superior Court qualified in deadly force and police tactics, has worked with four US presidents and trained US celebrities in self-defence.
So what does this expert think of gun laws? Despite the enormous worldwide support to ban the guns, Reitz argues this could only make law abiding citizens more at risk.
If you call 911, you’re going to be on hold for probably several minutes,” he said.
“By the time police respond, anything that is grievous in nature would have transpired. Only law abiding citizens abide by the law.”
Delving further into the topic of law-breakers, Reitz called upon his experience working on the investigation into Richard ‘Night Stalker’ Ramirez.
“I worked the Night Stalker case … the things he did to his victims were absolutely horrific. The only person that really survived, and did so relatively intact, came after him with a golf club.
“The right to defend yourself against people that want to cause you harm is something I believe in very dearly.”
Reitz went on to say that despite popular opinions, banning guns in the US is simply not plausible and many anti-gun people still own guns.
“There is no way you’re going to rid society of weapons. You’d end up with the same thing that happened with prohibition.”


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