Henry Rollins is Double J’s July artist in residence

Each month, Double J brings listeners a unique Artist in Residence, handing the keys over to a range of artists for a unique look at their own world of music. This July it’s Henry Rollins, of legendary Black Flag and the Rollins Band, who also has radio experience.

From listening to the larger than life radio presenters as he grew up in Washington D.C., to hosting his own show on KCRW for the last ten years, radio is a medium Rollins loves.

This project sees him produce a series of shows exclusively for Double J, featuring plenty of Australian music.

What Rollins has prepared, over four broadcasts, is “a meticulously constructed, almost conceptual bridge of music, from me to the listener. The music is derived from a record collection that takes up a three car garage and is the product of buying records and dragging them back from Adelaide to Riyadh for decades. I worked on these shows for weeks. I never, ever just throw songs together and unleash them upon the listener. We are on a journey, a long march to the sea, two hours at a time.”

Playing an eclectic mix of tunes new and old, from Cab Calloway to the Dead Boys, Miles Davis to Marnie Stern, Rodriguez to Total Control, Lightnin’ Hopkins to Savages, complete with personal insights, facts and anecdotes, Rollins plans to enlighten and entertain his audience over the next month.

Rollins will be heard on Double J, from 3 – 5pm every Sunday in July, and listeners can stream each show for a week after it is broadcast.

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