High satisfaction with digital car radios in the UK

In the UK over a quarter of a million vehicles have been sold with digital radios in the past year, and consumers seem happy with their new toys. A recent consumer survey of 700 digital car radio users found that 77% would recommend DAB to others and 65% stating they would be disappointed if DAB was no longer available. The majority of those who responded stated that they would not buy a car in the future without DAB radio.


Ford has announced that all their UK vehicles will have digital radio fitted as standard by the end of 2012, with the new Ford Focus already hitting the streets with digital radio.

A range of other vehicles also already have digital radios in them, including the VW Beetle, the Vauxhall Tiguan and the Saab 9-5 Sports Wagon.


With 20% of all radio listening occurring in cars, the digital push will have “a significant impact on reaching the government criteria of 50% of radio listening being digital before a switchover” said Communications Minister Vaizey in a recent speech. There are also many aftermarket products available to convert the UK’s 34 million vehicles already on the road to digital radio.


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