High stakes as the Triple M Grill Team make an NRL wager

Triple M The Grill Team’s hard core Penrith Panthers supporter Mark Geyer (MG) and avid Sydney Roosters fan Gus Worland have made a bet – that the supporter of losing team of this weekend’s Panthers v Roosters qualifier will receive a tattoo relating to the opposing team, inked on their butt.

The passionate co-hosts firmly believe their team will win the qualifying round. In fact, both are so certain of their point of view, that the tattoo bet was made. 

On the show this morning, MG and Gus, with co-host Matty Johns in tow, spun a wheel to decide:

1. Which body part the loser will get the tattoo on, and;

2. Who is in charge of logo design.

And with that – it was decided that the loser will get a tattoo on the butt, designed by Mark Geyer’s 7-year-old daughter. The Penrith Panthers are due to take on The Sydney Roosters this Saturday 13th September at Allianz Stadium, with two especially nervous fans watching on!

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