hit92.9’s Xavier Ellis is about to become a dad

The happy on-air announcement follows inaccurate psychic reading.

Coinciding with psychic week, Heidi has been putting non-believer, Xavier, through a series of readings in a bid to prove there are bigger forces in the universe.
However, Xavier was told he may soon find a long term partner (despite being in a six-year relationship) and that babies are not on the cards just yet.
Handing Heidi a piece of paper containing his 13 week surprise, it was revealed to the people of Perth that Xavier and his girlfriend, Em, are expecting a baby boy in October.
“I’m very excited,” says Xavier.
“Em has been fortunate enough to not have  experienced any morning sickness so it’s been smooth sailing so far.”
Em is so smooth in fact, that she told Xavier she was pregnant during an ad break for My Kitchen Rules … and then proceeded to tell him to be quiet because she was really enjoying the episode.
“I’ll be giving him a golf club in no time. There’s more money in golf and I plan on retiring when he’s fifteen!”
Congratulations Xavier and Em!  

Listen to the announcement below. 


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