Home & Away’s Courtney Miller opens up to Megan Smith in new podcast

Courtney Miller’s Home & Away character Bella Nixon is a troubled teen who has faced a lot in life.

Bella’s dad killed her mum, then her brother killed her dad, now her brother is in jail!
Thankfully Courtney Miller’s own life is not as traumatic as the soapie character she plays.
Miller revealed her background and her drive to become a successful actor in a new podcast called 2 Chat Lattes, hosted by Megan Smith.
Smith (pictured below), an engaging young presenter with loads of personality is a graduate of the Melbourne Radio School and a broadcaster at 2RRR Sydney.

In Home & Away, Miller’s character Bella is sexually assaulted, a plot line that is aimed to raise awareness of the issue for teens. Miller explained that she and the other actor who played the part of the person who assaulted her had to work hard to get the difficult scenes right.
“We filmed it, then they needed more footage, so I had to go back to that emotional moment again a week later.”
“Does that kind of emotion acting take a toll on you? How do you switch on and off?” asked Smith.
“I have to remember that it’s a performance. It’s difficult, but as an actor I felt really good about the performance I gave.
“I had to be a scared little girl and that is my character in the show so it was consistent. But it was hard for him to play the character who attacked me… such an awful character.
“It has never happened to me in my life, but I have to remember the impact of things like that on some people who watch the show.”
Miller was nominated for a Logie and attended the awards for the first time, telling Megan Smith that her highlight was running into Amanda Keller, who was nominated for the Gold Logie.
“There’s something about Amanda… I felt like I don’t know you personally, but I really like what you present.”
Miller confided that she was very restrained at the awards because she was sitting next to veteran cast member Ray Maher, but that she partied hard at the after party.
“Does everyone get sloshed?” asked Smith.

“Of course, you’re sitting on a beautiful table with all the wines in front of you for three hours, you can only get up in the ad breaks, what else are you going to do… I was well behaved because I was sitting next to Ray. But at the after party, the shoes came off and I had a good time…
“Everyone is at the same boat at the after party so nobody posts about it on social media, thankfully,” Miller told Smith.
Megan Smith started her podcast earlier this year to talk about issues faced by young women, to get insights from experts on matters like sex and intimacy and to go behind the scenes of the lives of stars in a longer style interview format.
2 Chat Lattes is available on all podcast platforms, including Apple and Spotify.



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