Hope 103.2’s new breakfast team host the great aussie date

When Hope 103.2’s Dan & Laura offered free babysitting so that two lucky parents could go on a date, little did they know they’d have a tribe of eight kids on their hands.

Peter & Laura Slade, are the busy parents of 11 children, who all have names beginning with the letter A. The Slade kids are affectionately known as “The A Team”.
Eight of the Slade children still live at home, including Angela (19), Austin (17), Adrian (15), Alexa (13),  Arron (11), Allan (8), Audrey (6) and the littlest, three-year-old Addison.

Dan and Laura arrived at the Slade’s place on Tuesday afternoon amid much fanfare, only to prepare a meagre picnic on a rug in the backyard for the winning couple, before disappearing into the house to look after the A Team.
An hour sitting on a blanket in the backyard is hardly a glamorous date, yet the happy and very gracious Slade couple took it in their stride. They embraced their quirky date, chatting while enjoying their choc-sprinkled strawberries and cups of weak tea.
Inside, Dan played FIFA with the boys on their PlayStation, as the bigger kids did homework and Laura prepared a classic Aussie afternoon tea — eight glasses of Milo, Saos with Vegemite, bananas and a pack of Family Assorted biscuits.
The pinnacle of Mr & Mrs Slade’s date afternoon was when Austin got out his guitar and the whole A-Team serenaded their parents with a song.
The afternoon concluded on a high; Dan and Laura presented Mr & Mrs Slade with their real date night gift: vouchers for a Hoyts movie night and a dinner out.
Watch how it all unfolded here:


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