Hot FM’s Cliffo & Bec get rid of dodgy undies, for all mankind

Cliffo & Bec on Hot FM in Townsville have taken community service work to a whole new level. They were attempting to give away a three-pack of ‘tighty whities’ and asked listeners to ring in and describe their man’s dodgiest pair of jocks. They were swamped.

Enter – Operation Lumberjock.

Cliffo & Bec took it upon themselves to rid Townsville of all shredded, loose, old pair of jocks possible and then shred them, so the guys couldn’t go digging through the rubbish for them later.

They said, “We were swamped with calls from women (and a few men too) – listeners who were at their wits end because their partners had holey jocks. Sensing this was a widespread problem, we enlisted the help of a local lumberjack, who agreed to provide his mighty wood chipper free of charge – if we could collect enough jocks, he would gladly shred them.   Hence, our LUMBERJOCK promotion was born.”

Listeners even posted photos of the dogiest undies on the station’s Facebook page.


Each suburb was represented by the worst jocks in that area and the sound of them being shredded was music to everyone’s ears.

Everyone who participated was given a packet of brand new jocks to take home and hopefully use. Unfortunately the competition never managed to reveal why men wear jocks that are in this condition.

It remains one of life’s greatest mysteries.

To Cliffo & Bec, we thank you.


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