Hot Tomato is still the best of the bunch on the Gold Coast: GfK

Hot Tomato on the Gold Coast maintains its lead in the latest GfK Survey for the area, with the top three stations all registering small dips in Survey 2/22.

Despite losing 0.9 to 15.1, Hot Tomato still leads 90.9 SeaFM (down 1.9 to 11.3) and Triple M 92.5 (down 0.5 to 10.4).

The next best is triple j, up 0.5 to 9.0.

In breakfast Galey, Emily Jade & Christo (Hot Tomato) still lead, dropping by 0.1 to 13.3, from Bianca & Ben (SeaFM) also down 0.1 to 12.1 in Survey 2.

Hot Tomato is strong through all the sessions and most of the demographics with Sea FM still in front in the 25 – 39’s with 17.6.

A similar story with the cumes showing Hot Tomato will in front with 199,000 listeners, ahead of 163,000 for SeaFM and 119,000 for Triple M.








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