Hottest 100 ‘weekend’ on the way, meanwhile Triple M counts down the Ozzest 100

The discussion is over and triple j’s Hottest 100 has moved from Australia Day to the next day, tomorrow January 27th.

triple j is now positioning its countdown as the Hottest 100 Weekend, widening out its ‘ownership’ of the concept from a single day to the whole long weekend.

Meanwhile, Triple M is on air today with its Aussie Music Australia Day countdown.

“The 100 best Australian songs ever,” is how the liners are branding the countdown today. Presenters are also mimicking the triple j mood by shouting out to listeners who are having parties.

Over at triple j, the countdown clock is ticking towards tomorrow’s start time, with votes in Australia’s biggest music democracy reaching a record this year. Voting is up 5.8% on last year, with 2,836,133 votes, making the 2017 Hottest 100 the biggest on record.

In a strategic piece of attack marketing, Triple M jumped in when triple j created a gap in the market by moving its countdown, but not everyone was happy with Triple M’s decision, criticising them for the same reasons as triple j had been criticised, that a celebration on January 26 is insensitive to some Indigenous people.

Rather than avoiding the debate, Triple M today has engaged in the discussion with message promos running all through the countdown, acknowledging both sides of the discussion and concluding with the message that music can unite us.

“Today at Triple M we don’t want to play politics, we’d like to spend the day celebrating one of the things that unites people, something that brings people of different backgrounds, colours and ethnicities together… MUSIC.”

Listen to one of the promos below.


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