How to be a car DJ without inciting a rebellion

If you’re planning a road trip this Easter long weekend and you’ve been put in charge of the music selection, be aware that just one or two bad tracks can have your car’s listeners up in arms.

New research from Spotify and Censuswide has uncovered what Aussies really think about the nuances of music on a road trip – and the rules for car DJs.

  • 61% of people are apprehensive about playing their music due to fear of being judged. 77% of Gen-Zs concerned with judgement, while only 44% of those aged 35-40 report feeling worried
  • 33% of respondents think the driver should control the music, closely followed by the front-seat passenger (28%)
  • Aussie roadtrippers’ biggest pet peeve (47%) is when the song is changed midway through.  Another common pet peeve includes music being interrupted with ads (38%), and playing the same song on repeat (32%)
  • Over half of all respondents (53%) were keen to let everyone have a chance to play their tunes. 
  • Pop is the preferred genre choice (60%), closely followed by throwbacks (47%) and hip-hop (44%)


 The Spotify Music team’s list of the best road trip playlists

In doubt of what to play, or just seeking some inspiration? Spotify Australia has compiled their list of the best road trip playlists on the platform, covering nostalgic music, easy-listening podcasts and high-octane audiobooks!

  1. Coastal Drive – Indie
  2. Driving Anthems – Mixed
  3. Sing Through The Decades – Pop 

Spotify AUNZ Head of Music Alicia Sbrugnera says: “We’ve all felt the pressure of being in charge of the tunes, but our research shows that road-trippers are happy for everyone to have a turn sharing their favourite songs. You may have more in common, musically, than you thought!”