Hughesy cottons on to a bright idea in return for car accident

If Hit Network’s Dave Hughes is looking a bit more well dressed lately, it could all be thanks to a recent car accident.
Hughesy backed into another car in the narrow streets of South Yarra after a particularly strenuous gym session recently, causing minor damage.
That vehicle he ran into was part of the fleet owned by Cotton On clothing company founder, billionaire Nigel Austin.
“I scraped my car into another car… I was exhausted and it was a very narrow street… That car ended up being a Cotton On company car.”
It’s not like Nigel Austin is short of a quid and needed Hughesy to pay up for the bingle, but he did get a pay back of another kind.
Hughesy performed a free lunchtime comedy gig for about 300 Cotton On staff in return for the damage.
“I did a bit of comedy for them… I’d love to work at Cotton On, their head office is a ripper … it’s like the Apple Centre down there.
“They gave me some free clothes as well. I am now dressed by Cotton On.”



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