Hughesy hides in the boot to surprise an Alphabucks winner with $10,000

On Sydney’s 2Day FM breakfast show, Hughesy, Ed & ErinHughesy travelled out to the Sydney suburb Hammondville to deliver listener Lisa a brand-new car and a whopping $10,000 cheque.

Winning the vehicle by playing 2Day FM’s Alphabucks, Lisa opened the boot to find Hughesy with a giant cheque for $10,000.


In a funny turn of events, Lisa’s neighbour Laura had played Alphabucks that day and missed out on a brand-new Hyundai and $10,000 by ONE QUESTION and had to watch Lisa receive her brand-new car and the cash.

(Pictured Winner Lisa, Hughesy and Neighbour Laura)

2Day FM’s Alphabucks is giving away a whopping 10 cars in 10 weeks plus a cheeky $10,000 in the glove box with an overall prize pool of $600,000 in cars and cash guaranteed to be won by lucky Sydney listeners.

Three cars and $30,000 has already been claimed.

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