I mortgaged my house for Whispering Jack: Glenn Wheatley

With John Farnham’s Whispering Jack album set for re-release later this month, Farnham’s manager Glenn Wheatley recalled the launch of the biggest selling album in Australian music history.

Speaking to Carmela Contarino on the RadioWest network Classic Cafe this morning to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the album, Wheatley was “wildly nostalgic,” about that period, according to Contarino.

The radio network owner and music entrepreneur spoke candidly about a range of topics.

  • Mortgaging his house for the album, which is now the highest selling album in Australia.
  • The struggle to turn John from Mr ‘Sadie the Cleaning Lady’ to the National treasure he is today!
  • Radio refusing to play or add You’re The Voice and how it only got airplay due to listeners no stop calling and requests.
  • How other record companies at the time hated him due to the album staying 25 weeks at #1! Not even Michael Jackson could get beat it.
  • How he’s managed John Farnham for 38 years, 35 without a contract.

It became the biggest selling album in Australian history, and was the first CD pressed in this country.

Glenn Wheatley also revealed that Whispering Jack will be repackaged and released on the 28th of October and will include a 12 inch white vinyl and DVD of the original Jack’s Back tour.

And he let slip to Contarino (pictured) that they are planning a tour next year.


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