I won’t go back to radio: Alan Jones launches online show

Alan Jones will launch his own cross platform social media video show from next Monday.

Speaking at a media conference to announce the launch today, Jones was asked why he is not returning to radio:

“Radio is a rather old fashioned medium, I don’t want to go back to radio… we’re looking to reach people on every social platform,” he said.

His new show is backed by a company called Australian Digital Holdings. Who?

Australian Digital Holdings Pty Ltd is a new company set up last month, on 24 November, according to documents lodged with ASIC.

It is a $1 company registered to applicant Patricia Holdings of Neutral Bay, with one shareholder, Jack Jeffrey Bulfin. The company lists a serviced office in Chifley Square as its principal place of business.

Businessman Maurice Newman is the Chair of the company, and hosted the media conference today.

Other supporters and funders of the company have not been disclosed.

“We have private funding… some very good people,” said Jones, who did not elaborate further on who is funding the operation. He said there is enough money involved to supply good quality equipment, fund reach on all the social media platforms and bankroll Jones. “This is freedom I will appreciate,” said Jones at the media conference.

Asked why this venture is not on traditional media Jones said: “Bluntly… in traditional media, there is a lot of interference in what people say.”

Social media platforms are regulated differently from broadcast media and are not subject to the same controls from ACMA and other regulators.

“I will be saying what Alan Jones thinks. This is the world of tomorrow,” said Jones. “I will be on every platform.”

Jones will stream his show live 4 days per week at 8pm, and it will then be available for replay on YouTube, Facebook and all other social platforms. Jones intends also to file an update at 7am each morning in a similar style as his morning radio Alan Jones Comments editorials. He will cover “issues of significance” in the arts, sport, music and politics.

The company plans to launch more shows in the next 6 months.

“This is a pioneering initiative… it is for the voiceless, those people who deserve their voice to be given resonance and reach.

“It is the tomorrow medium.”

With the Federal Election likely to be held in March or May next year, the show is likely to try to reach voters who might be swayed by Jones’ opinion.

“It seems people are interested in what I have to say,” said Jones, who ruled out running  for politics himself. “I don’t want to sit in the Senate and say nothing, I don’t want to join that crowd.”

Jones said this approach to personality media commentary on social platforms has not been tried before in Australia, but was active in America. While he did not mention American commentators by name, his approach may draw inspiration from another Jones, Alex Jones, the Amercian host of InfoWars.

The full media conference is below.



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