Ice Cube discusses 5 songs that changed his life with Double J’s Zan Rowe

Double J’s first-ever live Take 5 event.

On Monday night, ahead of Ice Cube’s fourth and final Vivid LIVE performance, Double J’s Zan Rowe sat down with the legendary rapper at the Sydney Opera House to talk about five songs that changed his life.

For over a decade Rowe has been Taking 5 with artists like Peaches, Beck, Vince Staples, Mike D, St Vincent and Sir Paul McCartney.

Ice Cube delved into his early years, family, and career, and discussed how rap has changed over the three decades that he’s been in the game.

He shared with the 1200-strong live audience the five songs that changed his life: ‘The Message’, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five; ‘The Payback’, James Brown; ‘What’s Going On?’, Marvin Gaye; ‘(Not Just) Knee Deep’, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic; and Sam Cooke’s ‘A Change is Gonna Come’.

Listen to the full interview on the Take 5 podcast.

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