If Mr Downer entered a sound alike contest he’d come in second to Josh Zepps

John Howard, Mark Latham, George Bush and Phillip Ruddock would come in third.

Josh is the voice-magician heard on Mike Carlton’s 2UE breakfast show. Between now and the elections, your breakfast crew could be interviewing these and other topical characters on a daily basis.

Sound Like You Own It!

You can have just Josh and a script – you provide the interviewer’s voice so it sounds as if you’ve produced it yourself.

Fresh material will be emailed to you each day in the early hours in time for your brekky shift.

Click a link below to hear the demos. (Please note, these are NOT for broadcast)

Mark Latham
John Howard
George Bush
Alexander Downer
Phillip Ruddock

Hurry before it goes in your market. Call Sasha Kahan at Radiowise right now to nut out a deal on (02) 9438 4000.