iHeartRadio adds Victoria’s Ace Network to platform

ARN has added the full ACE Radio Network to the iHeartRadio Australia platform.
Listeners can now tune in to all 13 stations from the Victorian regional network to get local news, music, talk and sport anywhere they are on iHeartRadio Australia.
The new agreement will see all 13 of ACE Radio’s AM and FM stations from Albury, Swan Hill, Colac, Warrnambool, Horsham, Gippsland and Hamilton added to iHeartRadio Australia.
ACE Radio’s six hit music stations in each region (Coast FM in Warrnambool, TRFM in Gippsland and Mixx FM in Hamilton, Colac, Horsham, Swan Hill) will also feature a new nightly iHeartRadio Countdown show – The iHeartRadio Thumbs Up Countdown – which will kick off on Monday, June 27th.
Head of iHeartRadio Australia Geraint Davies said: “Adding the entire ACE Radio Network to the iHeartRadio Australia offering is a really exciting development for us. Rather than seeing iHeartRadio Australia as a potential competitor in the digital space, we are working together to enable ACE Radio to further strengthen their offering to audiences and increase the excellent engagement they already have across regional Victoria.
“To have ACE Radio integrating iHeartRadio Australia branded programming into their stations’ nightly programming, and further expanding our reach into regional areas is very exciting and testament to how iHeartRadio Australia continues to grow and strengthen as a brand.”

Grant Johnstone, Head of Content at ACE Radio said: “I am extremely excited to work so closely with ARN to bring all 13 ACE Radio stations into the iHeartRadio Australia platform. To be aligned with such a successful, globally renowned brand as iHeartRadio is a significant step forward for our regional audiences.
“More and more we are seeing our regional listeners consuming ACE Radio content through one of our many digital assets, with mobile consumption now exceeding 75%. Aligning our current brands with iHeartRadio Australia makes complete sense given the growth in online listening.

“I am also excited to announce our new nightly countdown across all six ACE Radio hit music stations. The iHeartRadio ‘Thumbs Up Countdown’ will kick off at the end of June and will integrate the iHeartRadio app with our nightly audience across regional Victoria and Southern NSW.”
Now available on iHeartRadio Australia:
2AY – News, talk back, sport, music
Mixx FM – Hit music and news
3HA – News, talk back, sport, music
Mixx FM – Hit music and news
3CS – News, talkback, sport, music
Mixx FM – Hit music and news
3WM – News, talk back, sport, music
Coast FM – Hit music and news
3YB – News, talk back, sport, music
TRFM – Hit music
1242 AM – News, talk and sport
Swan Hill
Mixx FM – Hit music and news
3SH – News, talk back, sport, music

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