IKEA’s funniest name yet for a stick of furniture: ROSSÖ

What is a ROSSÖ? “It’s a bean bag with legs,” says it’s designer Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross. Because who hasn’t thought beanbags would be better if they were easier to get in and out of?”

From a prototype just three weeks ago, Rosso has launched his ROSSÖ by ambushing unsuspecting IKEA Melbourne shoppers with his very own catalogue inserts.

Rosso’s been determined to see his furniture design dream become a reality, despite a complete lack of interest from IKEA. That’s not true, of course, IKEA is very interested – not in ROSSÖ the chair so much as the sales promotion headed up by Rosso the Drive show presenter on Sydney’s KIIS and Melbourne’s Mix.

Armed with a sketch and prototype, Rosso, who in real life has a passion for architecture and design, is determined to see the ROSSÖ stocked at IKEA.

Not one to let a little thing like missing the print deadline for the latest IKEA catalogue stop him (or even IKEA’s total lack of interest), he had a keen group of supporters stationed outside Melbourne IKEA handing out ROSSÖ inserts (which he had made himself) for the catalogue. Rosso rallied thousands of people to sign his online petition, but it all culminated in organising his own ‘launch’ event on Monday at the IKEA store in Richmond.

*Though best known as a comedian, writer and host of his own Drive show in Sydney and Melbourne, Rosso has long held a keen interest in architecture and design.

 While to some, architecture and comedy my seem like an unlikely combination, Rosso successfully brought these two passions of his together for a hit comedy show, Man About The House, early this year resulting in him being awarded the Conservation top prize in the 2014 National Trust Heritage Awards. .

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