Inaugural radio course unearths future talent by the barrow load

The first harvest of graduates from the new Radio Training Institute is now ready for market.

Over a twenty-week period, 11 graduates have learnt from the experts and covered all areas of radio operation, culminating in a week long “simulation” broadcast, from the RTI Studios in South Melbourne.

They are now ready to take their next step in securing careers in broadcasting, but first will be honoured in a ceremony attended by family, friends, lecturers and industry leaders.

The General Manager of RTI, Heidi Everett said, “ We put a lot of time into revamping and relaunching the old Melbourne Radio School. New Courses (devised in consultation with trainer Steve Ahern) and lecturers showed we could attract those with the most potential and give them the skills to ready them for work in one of the most competitive industries in the country”.

The course was so successful, a new Advanced Radio Course to be held at night, will start Monday 14 September 2015, with enrolments currently open.

Course details available here.

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