Inside the Kyle and Jackie planning meetings

The Talent Coach: Craig Bruce

There are many factors that have made the Kyle and Jackie O show one of the best radio shows in the world. 

I wanted to focus on just one of those factors which has been critical to their success. 

I was the content director at 2DayFM in 2005 when the show first started in breakfast and it was my first time working closely with the guys. 

The thing I remember most about the weekly planning sessions was this one question that Jackie would ask at the start of every meeting. 

What are we going to do this week that people will talk about? 

I know what you’re thinking, every show asks this question at the start of their planning meetings? 

And that is true.

The difference with Kyle and Jackie was the expectation they attached to that question. 

They knew the difference between getting a pat on the back for some silly idea that might amuse their friendship group and a few sycophants at work, and an idea that would actually make noise, in the noisiest city in Australia. 

When Jackie said “what can we do this week that will get us talked about” she wanted the response to scare her. 

She wanted the response to be something that was truly unique and challenging. And she wasn’t leaving the room until we landed on the right idea. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your “street-talk” idea or story arc has actually created any street talk outside of a small group of your core listeners, staff and friends. 

The answer to “what are we going to do that people will talk about” needs to be bold, brave and just a little scary. 

Anything less and you’re still stuck inside an echo chamber. 


About the Author

Craig is the former Head of Content at Southern Cross Austereo. Responsible for getting some of Australia’s best talent on radio, his true passion has always been the development and mentoring of young talent. He now works as a talent coach and radio consultant.



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