It’s settled. Nova 100 will wake up with Chrissie, Browny and Sam

AFL great Jonathan Brown and comedian Sam Pang will co-host Nova 100 Breakfast with Chrissie Swan in Melbourne in 2016.

Louise Higgins, NOVA Entertainment COO said, “We have made a bold move in creating a show that has a real point of difference, is distinctly Melbourne and will appeal to a broader demographic ensuring its success with all Melbourne audiences.”

Nova 100’s new breakfast show promises to be “topical, entertaining and above all funny! These distinct personalities will bring their own very different points of view on everything the city wants to talk about.”

Chrissie Swan said, “I’m a huge fan of Sam Pang and I’m really excited to be working with him and Browny – what’s not to love? I’m not too across the footy but Browny loves The Bachelor so we’ll be fine!” 

Jonathan Brown said, “I’m ready to drag my backside out of bed again after 18 months in retirement. I can’t wait to get some motherly advice from Chrissie and for Sam to bring my coffee in every morning.”

Sam Pang, “I genuinely can’t believe Nova gave me a job. I’m so thrilled to be working with Chrissie Swan – other than Gabi Grecko and Mark Latham I can’t think of anyone I’d rather do radio with – and Jonathan Brown, who played 256 games of AFL and now he’s got five mornings a week to tell me all about them.”

Chrissie, Browny and Sam will be heard on Nova 100 from January 2016.

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