Jackie O’s misquote gets Roxy’s book trashed

When it comes to typos, no one’s perfect
It’s the one thing that gives every writer sleepless nights, the typo or misquote in the middle of the story, or in the case of Roxy Jacenko’s new book, right there on the back cover.
In what was supposed to be an endorsement from Jackie O, there on the back cover is “Roxy never fails to disappoint.”
It was supposed to read, “Roxy never fails to deliver.”
And in reporting the story one outlet managed a typo of their own about the typo…” Interestingly, the stuff-up was only discovered when the the publisher, Allen & Unwin, sent out preview copies of the tome to media.”
Meanwhile the first run of ‘Roxy’s Little Black Book of Tips & Tricks’ will be pulped, making those versions that got to the media something of a collector’s items.
Now, is this KO to publish, oar’s another righter about to get a sleepless nihgt.

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