Jailbroken: Craig Bruce on Fitzy and Wippa. Paul Jackson on same and Duncan Campbell on Melbourne

In the aftermath of Survey 5, as always, we spoke to the three wise men of commercial FM.

If you weren’t able to read what they had to say, we’ve now jailbroken the content for you.

Everyone loves Fitzy and Wippa but that show is misfiring badly: Craig Bruce

It’s not often anyone gets to speak with the top two Content Heads at SCA in the same room at the same time. But in the aftermath of Survey 5, both Craig Bruce and Guy Dobson were keen to talk up their networks’ achievements. 

By the time their tag team is finished with you, you will believe that even the 3.8 result posted by 2Day-FM is pretty good.

We’re not making excuses for numbers that don’t go our way: Paul Jackson

On Fitzy and Wippa’s dip in Survey 5, says Jackson, “The bottom line is, of course we’re disappointed with any number when it goes backwards. All we can say is that we will continue to try harder to engage the audience more.”

My focus is on 2015: Duncan Campbell on ARN’s battle to retake Melbourne

“The Nova Breakfast show is yet to see some traction. Eddie McGuire performs very well, as he tends to do in the middle of football season. And we’re at the tail end of it.  MIX is a disappointment for us. After a successful first half, we’re back to 2013 numbers, which is not great news for us. 

“GOLD is still okay, it’s still up there. But FOX has obviously done well this book. It’s still all very close – all high 6’s and 7’s – there’s still no consistent winner or a trend yet, so it remains very volatile.


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