Jase & PJ won’t do Drive in NZ, just Breakfast on KIIS

As you may recall, a few days ago we reported that KIIS 101.1’s new Kiwi sourced Breakfast team Jason ‘Jase’ Hawkins and Polly ‘PJ’ Harding will not only be doing Breakfast in Melbourne but also maintain their Drive show on ZM heard Mon-Fri across the land of the long white cloud.

Our reliable source was ZM’s website which suggested that that was the case. Which, if it were true would have been an unprecedented  effort for a live show. 

We now know, it’s not true. 

Since then an even more reliable source at ARN has told us that such a heavy work schedule could not be sustained and that there was no way they’d allow that to happen. 

Our source told us that Jase & PJ will arrive in Oz on November 17 in preparation for on-air early in 2018. They will provide ZM with some edited material for a month or so until that station launches   their own replacement team.

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