Jay Mueller is the first guest in a revamped Game Changers

Game Changers undertakes a facelift for 2019 with Craig Bruce taking a 360 degree look at audio and radio in snack size episodes, 10 to 15 minutes in length.
Moving from the presentation side of radio, Craig will be talking to programmers, producers, thought leaders, ex radio people now out of the bubble, international  radio experts, marketeing and branding experts and include q&A sessions as well as talking to the presenters.
Craigs production partner, Jay Mueller who is the head of Bad Producer Productions, is the first guest this year.
Poached from 3AW to produce the Triple M breakfast show with Eddie McGuire, Jay offers insights into the formation of the program through it’s early days and now, looking back now on a ten year partnership with Eddie, Jay says the one thing he has learnt is to think big, to connect the dots and tell stories of significance.



In episode 69, of Game Changers, Craig Bruce asks Wade Kingsley if radio stations are missing the mark with big buck giveaways.


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