Jodie and Soda are back and pedalling furiously for 2019

Mix 102.3’s Jodie & Soda are back on air for 2019 and from the first moment it was clear they were back in full swing with the pair striking a bet that would give one of them a taste of what cyclists in Adelaide’s Tour Down Under endure.  
When they launched their $60,000 Secret Sound, with a promise to give $10k of it away within the first week on air, Jodie bet Soda the sound would be guessed and the money won on day one.
Whoever lost the bet had to ride an exercise bike for the entire three-hour show on Tuesday.
Unfortunately for Jodie, the sound wasn’t quite as easy to guess as she thought so yesterday, she headed to work in her active wear including (padded) bike shorts to honour the bet.
And it was her birthday.
And it was a 41-degree day.
But she made it!


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