Jonesy called a ‘creep’ and a ‘perve’ at the 2015 Logies

This morning, as many TV and radio personalities were feeling a bit worse for wear as they recounted the highlights of the TV Week Logies, Amanda Keller was trying to get the bottom of a red carpet “incident” she had heard about involving her WSFM Breakfast co-host Jonesy.
Jules Lund, who was on the Red Carpet Live for Channel 9, was interviewing Jennifer Hawkins when Jonesy sauntered over to say ‘hi’ to his radio rival interrupting the interview and ending with Jules jokingly calling Jonesy a ‘perve’ and a ‘creep.’
Amanda has found this hilarious and this morning awarded Jules the WSFM ‘Man of the Match’ for his handling of the situation.
Jonesy, on the other hand was shocked and surprised to hear Amanda recount the “incident” as a photobomb and maintains he was simply being “jocular” and when he heard Jules say “search for Australia’s Next Top Model” he naturally assumed Jules was talking about him.

Take a listen.


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