Just got my 7th call from KIIS in 3 days

2Day FM listeners who are signed up to a VIP focus group listener page have been receiving calls from KIIS this week asking them about the new station and inviting them to be callers.

While KIIS has denied using numbers from the private audience reearch focus group, members of the group have been active on the closed forum page, discussing the unsolicited calls.

One panel member commented to the closed group:

I just got my 7th call in 3 days from Kiis fm. This time for last calls which I said no for. Then I ask him how did he get my number? He says oh, from you ringing the Kyle and Jackie O show before. Then I tell him I’ve never rang Kiis fm and he says oh no, from when Kyle and Jackie o were on 2dayfm, then panicky says oh I’ve got to go and hangs up.

Another caller to the closed discussion group commented:

At first I misheard him and it was 2day asking about kyle and jackies move… so im yapping on about how great it is to have a fresh crew here and im hoping it will continue… then he stops me and says “no im from kiisfm”  It was crap lol! I still told him im listening to the new show cause I think they are funny…

The KIIS researcher said he would call the person back in 15 minutes to put him on air on KIIS. He declined.

Subscribers to the 2Day closed research group are confused about how callers spruiking KIIS got their number.

ARN has denied targeting 2Day’s fans or using confidential data. Australia’s Privacy Act has strict penalties for marketers calling people who have not given permission to receive marketing calls.


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