Kate Tim and Joel celebrate one year together

Australia’s national drive show, Nova’s Kate, Tim & Joel, today celebrate one year since Joel Creasey joined the show on Tuesday 14 September.

Kate Ritchie says, “Who would have thought time could fly during a year spent in and out of lockdown? Well, thankfully it has and must be, in part, credited to the addition of the wonderful Joel Creasey  to our show last September. His energy is contagious and despite his dulcet tones putting mine to shame, I have enjoyed every minute in the Nova studio with him. We are all hoping we will be able to spend more time in the same space together in the coming months. Fingers crossed!”

Tim Blackwell says, “In a strange way this insane, lockdown-riddled, stay at home or else kind of a year was the perfect time to welcome Joel to the team. The office was empty, focus seemed to be on home schooling and Zoom backgrounds more than anything, so we just got to go in to make the show and work each other out… And then just like that, so many of us have gone – wow, has it been a year already?!”

The addition of Joel’s razor-sharp wit and charismatic energy, to the talents of respected broadcasters Kate and Tim, sees Kate, Tim & Joel deliver listeners everything they’d come to love about the show over the past 10 years with so much more. From topical and personal content and unusual or quirky topics, Joel brings flair to the show’s existing popular segments and new benchmarks including Joel’s Jivin’!

Joel Creasey says, “I can’t believe it’s been a year of laughs, bants and spicy margs with the guuuysss! In all honesty, it’s been an absolute treat helping to brighten people’s days and provide a laugh in the arvo, given how…interesting…the past year or so has been. Tim and Kate are such brilliant broadcasters and have been a dream. I couldn’t think of anybody I’d rather make a fool of myself with each day. Don’t let them hear this… but I think they’re pretty great.”

In a year marked by firsts, Kate, Tim & Joel headed off on their first overseas trip to New Zealand following the opening of the Trans-Tasmanian bubble, Joel Creasey undertook a punishing health and fitness training schedule to appear on the cover of Men’s Health and the team attempted to lift listeners spirits in the lockdown states by broadcasting live from 10am to 12pm AEST for a Saturday Live in Lockdown show.

NOVA Entertainment’s Chief Programming & Marketing Officer, Paul Jackson, says, “Kate, Tim & Joel’s energy and banter is so infectious and a welcome daily escape for our listeners, brightening their days and giving us all a much needed laugh in the afternoon.”

Nova’s national drive show has been number one for 34 consecutive surveys with nearly 1.4 million listeners* tuning in to Kate, Tim & Joel across the country, a highly engaged social audience with 226,303 followers across their show socials, over 3.4 million followers on the Nova Network’s socials and 5 million AU downloads* since the show launched.


*Source:GfK Radio Ratings survey5, released on 31 August 2021

**Source:Triton Podcast Metrics (14 September 2020 to 14 September 2021)

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