Kate Tim & Marty give away a million

True to their promise, Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty have made one of their listeners a millionaire.

Tim Smolders, 30, a paramedic from Brisbane was the coveted winner that managed to take home one million Kazakhstani tenge, equating to $6958 AUD, only two spots away from landing on one million Australian dollars.

After beating out many hopefuls, Tim held the coveted position of spinning Kate, Tim and Marty’s wheel live in studio along with his wife Mandy. With the wheel landing on Kazakhstan, he was awarded with a million units of the local currency.

Kate, Tim & Marty said: “Who would have thought Kazakhstan could bring so much pleasure to one man. We have had some pretty good lunches for $6958 and hope they spend it all at once.”

Tim Smoulders plans to shout most of his friends dinner tonight, and if there’s anything left maybe a holiday.

Kate, Tim & Marty airs 4.00pm weekdays nationally across the Nova Network. With over 1.6 million listeners, Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty have been Australia’s number one national Drive show in every survey since launch.

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