KL FM says Bendigo community ‘not getting access to accurate figures’

Bendigo community radio station KLFM is “disappointed” at the recent release of the regional listening survey for the town.
Station founder and manager Brad Geier has told radioinfo:
“How can this survey show the most popular radio stations in Bendigo when only the ABC and three other stations were included in the survey? Along with that, no information was supplied regarding sample size… and demographics…”
The survey was conducted between 17 October and 5 November and released earlier this week, in the Bendigo licence area (see diagram below). The sample size for Bendigo is 1000 people, however sample sizes are not routinely made public when the resutls are released.
Brad Geier says: “In 2001, KLFM was invited to participate in the Neilson Radio Survey which showed that KLFM had a substantial listening audience.”
He says KLFM made several attempts to take part in the survey, “but the station was refused an opportunity.”
A spokesperson for Xtra Research says he is not aware of any contact from Mr Geier. The full results chart provided by Xtra Research is available on CRA’s ‘LoveThing’ website.
Radio KLFM has been operating since 1989 and has been providing a locally operated service for Bendigo and surrounds since that time.
“It’s a shame particularly for the business community that they are not getting access to accurate figures,” says Geier, “so they can make informed decisions when choosing which radio station to use to promote their business.”
“Unlike other stations which network the majority of their programs, KLFM provides local programming, information and coverage of emergencies, given that KLFM is Central Victoria’s Official Emergency Broadcaster.
“Although KLFM does not run it’s programming dependent on ratings, we remain a significant, high rating, LOCAL and LIVE broadcaster throughout Central Victoria.”
He says it is “a great shame that these survey figures did not accurately represent true listening habits of Bendigo and Central Victorian listeners… [KLFM] would have welcomed the opportunity to participate in the radio ratings to show a true reflection of Central Victorian listening habits.”
Commercial Radio Australia CEO Joan Warner has responded to Brad Geier’s criticism saying:
 “The Xtra Insights surveys are a radio research protocol for regional licence areas outside the main GfK Radio Audience Measurement contract, introduced in 2014 by Commercial Radio Australia to allow more regular and less expensive research for smaller radio markets… Sample sizes for each market differ and are also provided. 
“Prior to the CRA regional protocol, the prohibitive cost of radio surveys in regional areas (with the exception of Newcastle, Canberra and the Gold Coast) has historically resulted in fewer surveys in these areas.  
“The Xtra Insights surveys are valid, robust, and reliable and the figures are audited by an external auditor. Advertisers can have faith in their reliability and the fact that they reflect the listening behaviours and preferences accurately of listeners in each Licence Area Profile…
“Community Broadcasters do not participate in these surveys as community broadcasters have their own general surveys commissioned by CBAA and carried out on their behalf by McNair.”
The Xtra Research survey area is shown below.

The latest community broadcasting survey conducted by McNair shows that 25% of listeners in Regional Victoria listen to community radio at least once a week. Results are not available for individual towns.  This Community sector survey is conducted with a rolling 2 wave representative sample of 338 people aged 15 and over through out Non-Metro VIC. Total sample across Australia (2 waves) is 12,501 (536 Telephone / 11,965 Online). Over 5.2 million people listjen to communtiy radio across Australia.
McNair results for community radio across regional Victoria are shown below.

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