KPop hit Gangnam Style: what’s it all about

With Korean pop star Psy in Australia and his hit song Gangnam Style going global, a radio producer from KBS Korea explains what the song is all about. Meanwhile Merrick and Jules are undaunted by the cancellation of his interview on their show.


Psy was a successful Korean pop singer with 5 previous albums under his belt before the song Gangnam Style (pronounced Kum-nung Style), went viral, cashing in on the wave of enthusiasm for K-Pop and making him a world wide sensation.

The satirical love song has had 500 million YouTube views.

Is it for real, or is it a send up?

Joanna Ha, an entertainment producer at at Korean Broadcasting Service Radio, explains to radioinfo’s Steve Ahern that Gangnam is a rich suburb of Seoul and how the song sends up the wealthy in that area.


Meanwhile, with Psy cancelling his interview on Merrick & The Highway Patrol, how did Merrick Watts, Julian Schiller & Rachel Corbett reflect the news on their National Drive show?


But not everyone missed out on interviewing the K-Pop phenomenon. Gawndy spent some time with him in the Nova studios.


And if you have been hiding under a rock for the past few months and have never heard the song, check it out here.



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