Kyle & Jack to be offered $12M to return to 2Day: Tele reports

Can you believe that SCA is prepared to offer Kyle and Jackie O $12 million per year to come back to 2Day FM? If you can believe that you’d also have to believe that KIIS106.5 would let them go.

According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, Kyle and Jackie O are about to be offered $12 million a year to come back to the ailing station and, more importantly, bring back the audience they took with them to 2Day FM.

But Michael Body writing in The Australian says that it is unlikey that SCA would bid to have the duo return. He says, “More likely targets for either ARN or SCA are Nova’s Adelaide breakfast duo Lewis and Lowe, who rose to a 12.1 per cent share in the most recent survey and are seen as more easily “transplantable” in other markets, given Dylan Lewis’s national profile.”

Kyle & Jack are contracted to ARN to the end of 2016 with Sandilands telling the Tele, “it would take more than money” to get him to switch networks a second time in three years, but added: “I like that figure though — $12 million a year is a nice number.”

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