Last Chance Servo campaign uses Dynamic Audio to micro target drivers

ARN and Saatchi & Saatchi have paired to create the Last Chance Servo campaign using ARN’s Dynamic Audio inventory to trigger contextually tailored commercials based on the location, time and even meteorological advice to communicate potentially life saving information to drivers travelling along Australia’s remote stretches of road.

The campaign features an isolated Ampol servo in the small village of Glendambo in outback South Australia. Drivers in the area who are listening to podcasts or streaming radio on ARN’s iHeart app will receive reminders around rest, night driving, refueling and water along the journey. It even mentions some of the locals that you might meet behind the counter at Ampol, or at the Glendambo Hotel.

There will also be point-of-sale collateral messaging for the Glendambo Ampol for food and refreshments, and a reminder it will be the last chance for a toilet break for 251 kilometres.

Michael Dargan, ARN Head of Creative, said:

“We’ve seen fantastic results from our Dynamic campaigns in cap cities, so we’re thrilled to be extending the inventory beyond regional stations into remote areas. Contextual relevance at scale is a huge focus for us in media, and at ARN we’re thrilled to be right in the middle of that discourse, producing data-driven, hyper-targeted and contextual messages for clients across Australia.”

 ARN was the first to bring Dynamic Audio inventory to commercial FM broadcasting with the network using the technology to create contextually relevant digital audio campaigns for advertisers in the podcasting, music, and radio streaming environments via their iHeart App thus far just into major centres.

ARN Sydney’s Creative Director Kade Robinson said:

“We’ve long known the simple math that relevant advertising is more memorable and engaging, therefore more effective. In this instance, using contextual triggers to communicate with drivers on outback roads is a class-leading use of the dynamic tech. The team at Saatchi & Saatchi are big champions of innovative digital audio campaigns and have been a dream to work with. They just get it. And Ampol are leading the pack when it comes to advertisers meeting their consumers where they are. This is the second Dynamic Audio campaign they’ve done with us, and they really understand the power of contextual relevance in audio.”

The Last Chance Servo campaign can be heard on the iHeart App in selected areas in regional South Australia.


Ampol Australia

Noni Guest – Head of Brand and Marketing


Kade Robinson – Creative Director

Anthony Badolato – Mixing Engineer

Todd Falusi – Mixing Engineer

Ray Peters – Recording Engineer

Michael Dargan – Head of Creative

Ashley Lush – Group Business Director, Agency

Jenna Thomas – Account Director, Agency

Susan Dickens – Senior Account Director, Agency

Saatchi & Saatchi Australia

Dave Bowman – Group CCO

Mandie Van De Merwe – CCO

Avish Gordhan – CCO

Piero Ruzzene – Creative Director

Carlo Mazzarella – Creative Director

Mac Wright – Copywriter

Tamara Kennon – Senior Integrated Producer

Dave Tang – Director

Joe Giuffrida – Edit & Motion Graphic Lead

James Tracy-Inglis – Group Account Director

Suzanne Leddin – Account Director

Edward Moult – Account Manager

Allie Naylor – Account Manager



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