Liam’s Love Sabre is uncovered

Nova 919’s Ben & Liam Adelaide breakfast show debuted a song that Liam Stapleton recorded as a 17-year-old and it didn’t quite fit Nova ‘s normal music format.
Liam’s past as a member of glam rock band high school ‘Love Sabre’ was uncovered, along with the bands only recorded single, Sabre Attack.
The band only performed one gig, at Liam’s high school where he made entrance on a fake donkey.  “It was like a donkey they used, I went to a Christian school, they used it mainly for the nativity scene play around Christmas but I thought, pretty cool entrance if I came in on that.”
He provided his advice to young, up and coming kids, who want to break into the music industry saying,  “I would stay stick with it, you’re not going to get it right first shot as your about to hear, this is a debut single, the only single that Love Sabre ever recorded. I’d also say if you’re a little bit embarrassed about the fact that you wore a ballet costume, a lot of eyeliner and pointy sort of boots, just destroy the evidence, make sure all the people around you that had footage at the time get rid of it, and make sure it’s removed off line so in seven years when you’re doing a radio show no one is going to pull up the past.”






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