Mal has gone after four decades in radio

As radioinfo mentioned Friday, after 45 years in radio, former 2SM broadcaster Mal Hedstrom has ended his career.

His shift on Sun FM in Mildura was his last, describing it as “very emotional“.

The station’s General Manager Alan Burrows paid tribute to Mal.

“In my eyes Mal is an icon of the radio industry and an amazing man to listen to his stories of the wild days of radio in the 70’s and 80’s.

Great to see Mal go out on his own terms which doesn’t happen much in today’s world”

radioinfo asked Mal what his greatest memories are after four decades as a broadcaster.
“All of it, particularly the huge 2SM gigs in the 70’s and introducing Sherbet at Victoria Park and the 100,000 crowd at the Opera House with LRB, AMAZING“.

And how has radio changed since you started your career?
“Technology has advanced exponentially, but the principles of being a good jock remain the same“.

Who do you consider to be your greatest mentors?

“I was really inspired by Clive Robertson, very, very funny and unique. And Rod Muir fascinated and excited me in a terrifying sort of way”.
So, what are you planning to do now?

“To paraphrase the eagles, Take It Easy”.
Enjoy the rest Mal.



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