Married at First Sight’s Davina went on a date with Tommy Little

(While filming the show).

Hit Network duo ​Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little had a very awkward call with Davina from Channel 9’s reality show Married at First Sight yesterday.

‘We found out that one of us has dated someone from Married at First Sight’, said Little. 

‘We should say that it involves you, and Davina,’ replies Bickmore, clearing up any confusion. 
It was revealed that Davina had been on a date with Little, and asked him to catch up again when she was in Sydney. She was filming MAFS at the time.
Little was at home watching TV with a friend, who called out when a promo for the show came on, ‘is that the girl you are planning on catching up with again? I think she’s married.’

Listen to the (awkward) conversation below.


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