Masterpiece mischief: Will & Woody’s art gallery takeover

The KIIS Network’s Will & Woody have surprised art aficionados and their listeners alike, as the unlikely hosts of a pop-up art exhibition in the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy.

And it wasn’t just any ordinary exhibition: During the opening event, the pair surprised the artsy guest list with the fact that each piece of art was actually created by a child under the age of 11. The children all applied during their on-air promotion called ‘Kids Have a Van Gogh.’

The art exhibition prank was shared during Monday night’s KIIS Drive Show and across socials and was held in partnership with Disney & Pixar’s Inside Out 2.

Woody says “After attending a fancy art exhibition recently, I really wanted to pull out all the stops to one-up the hipsters! We had elaborate canapes and an underground DJ, and not one person could tell the art had been done by children, which is a huge credit to all our little listeners who got involved! That’s a win for us in my eyes.”

Will says “When we first discussed the idea on-air, I really didn’t think we would be able to pull it off. It also didn’t help that Woody wanted to auction the art to be able to buy a boat … glad I talked him out of that one!”

During the exhibition, guests were asked to predict which piece was worth the most, with 10-year-old Abby’s depiction of fear being dubbed as the ‘most valuable’, which meant she took home a cash prize of $5,000.


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