Matt De Groot really does pull the pin

…on one of his media roles at least.

It was in August this year radioinfo ran a similiar headline that quickly amassed over one thousand shares on social media.

Then, we were referring to Matt De Groot‘s (pictured left) retirement from the boxing ring after one charity bout.

But today it’s official, Matt has stepped down as Nova Entertainment’s National News Director.

Michelle Stephenson has been appointed to the role, with responsibility for overseeing the news teams for Nova and smoothfm around the country.

Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge to the position having spent 15 years in the media industry working across television, print and radio. She has spent the past two and half of those years as a newsreader at the smoothfm and Nova Networks.

Asked what she is looking forward to most and Michelle says, ” The opportunity to take my career to the next level. Nova entertainment is an incredible company to work for and is very good at nurturing and encouraging employees to take that next step. 

In terms of learning from Matt… He’s incredibly good at managing people. Our news team is the best in the country and that has a lot to do with Matt creating an environment that people not only want to work in but enjoy working in.” 

Matt is stepping away from the position to focus on his evolving role as Nova 96.9 Breakfast News Journalist for Fitzy & Wippa as well as other growing media commitments.

Matt says Michelle is the perfect fit for the role.

“This is the perfect time for this. Michelle has worked in an ND role at SCA, she has the perfect personality, temperament, experience and focus to step in and build on a (bloody wonderful) platform setup by the previous administration.”

And on 2016 for you Matt?

“It’s more of an extension of what’s happened in 2015. The year has seen a lot of doors open through the affection many have for Nova and the boys (Fitzy & Wippa).  After 2 years with them I seem to have solidified my place as an individual on the show and that has seen a lot of opportunities open up. It’s therefor been much harder to balance managing the department while also embracing these chances.

Gratefully, the company sees multiple benefits in making the change and it’s a perfect time to promote a real talent from within. Plus the more times you get in a tennis ball – the harder it is to be seen as a credible management option.”


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