Media Reforms are good for the future: CEOs at #RadioAlive2017

Now that the media laws reforms have passed the Senate and look set to pass the House of Reps next week, media CEOs are all thinkinng about how things will change.

They discussed the possible deals and implications of the reforms in a panel session at Radfio Alive today:

SCA’s Grant Blackley: These changes give the industry a chance to consider mergers and acquisitions that have not been possible for 20 years. We are all wondering what will be the benefits and challenges of that. Potentially there will be some consolidation.

As a result of the media reforms SCA, in conjunction with Channel 9, have rolled out 107 new journalism jobs to create original content in regional Australia.

Huw Marks Channel 9: In media these days we have to innovate. The media reforms will allow us the opportunity to innovate when we see an opportunity.

Fox Sports CEO Patrick Delaney congratulated the government for the changes. Regulation can shape business decisions, so this will give us opportunities to plan our decisions going forward. The world has moved beyond those old laws.

Michael Miller, Executive Chairman News Corp Australia. On the CBS takeover of TEN, he says ‘we don’t know what they will do yet.’ News Corp will partner anyone… the changes in media today mean that we need to look at who we can work with for advertisers who want campaign solutions, not just media solutions.

Blackley: One thing I do know abut CBS is that they will put the right resources behind it, and then the tide will rise for all media.

Miller: News Corp can make people pay for content because we make it unique and important. It is a combination of innovative technology, responsiveness to comments and audience reactions, ease of payments.

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