Mel Greig is heading back to the bright lights

No more early mornings for Mel Greig, instead a move to Sydney and a fresh new opportunity.

Mel said goodbye to her WAVE FM listeners today, after relaunching her career 3 years ago in the Illawarra.

“I’ve decided to put my health and happiness first,” she told listeners, as she shed a few tears. “I was unhappy with the breakfast lifestyle… it was so hard [to make this decision]”

While still coy about what the new opporunity is, Mel said a dislike of the 3am start to the day, a disappointing dating scene and an “exciting” new job opportunity led to her handing in her resignation to the station on Monday.

After what has been seen as one of the most tumultuous moments in Australian radio with the Royal Prank and a fresh comback in 2015, Mel said that her co-hosts at WAVE weren’t the least bit surprised at her decision to move. She had time in Hawaii recently to consider her future. There have been big changes in her life in the past 3 years. She arrived in the Illawarra as a married woman ready to implant embryos and start a family. She leaves as a single 36 year old single woman attempting to get back into the dating world.

There is speculation that there is a new reality TV program in the offing, but Mel has declined to comment on the exact nature of her new job saying only that she hoped to make an announcment on the new project in coming weeks.

This is how she told her listeners the news.

WAVE FM General Manager Tony Williams has extended his best wishes to Mel, telling the Illawarra Mercury he is sad to see her go.

Williams is yet to confim if WAVE will go to the market place for a replacement, or if Jade Tonta will become the permenant replacement on the breakfast program




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