Mental Health week on Triple J

Triple j and the ABC want listeners to join them this week as the national broadcaster talks about mental health.

Triple j Brekkie presenters Matt & Alex will be speaking to lots of people from different backgrounds, from comedian Felicity Ward to AFL player Simon Hogan, who have all been affected by mental illness. Plus we want you to take part in Matt & Alex’s Random Acts of Kindness, tune in to find out how.

Mental Health Week ambassador, The Doctor, will talk to well known people affected by mental health issues, including Missy Higgins, Jamie T, Josh Thomas and Augie March. He’s also made you a great how-to video on staying mentally healthy.

Hack will cover how mental health issues can affect young people, including discrimination in the workplace, whether or not to medicate and dealing with the extremes of a breakdown, as well as inviting listeners to share their stories. 

There’s also lots happening across the ABC, including ABC TV’s Friday Night Crack Up, a two hour live TV broadcast with Matt & Alex appearing in the name of charity. 

The ABC will be letting people know how they can seek support through groups like Lifeline, Headspace and Kid’s Help Line. There will also be tips for staying mentally healthy all week on ABC stations.

Plus we’re encouraging people to give generously to the Society for Mental Health Research, who provide university grants to mental health research.

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