Michael Hing joins triple j Drive

Following the announcement from triple j Drive host Veronica Milsom that she is leaving, Michael Hing has been announced as her replacement.
On leaving triple j, Veronica said “I’ll really miss triple j, but I’m excited about the advertising opportunities once I leave. Sometimes I wonder if collaborating with a major sporting brand will feel disgusting and shameless, but my gut says Just Do It.”
Stepping up to co-host triple j Drive with Lewis Hobba is comedian and friend of the show, Michael Hing.
Over the last few years Hing has popped up as a reoccurring guest of triple j Drive, as well as hosting various fill-in shows on triple j, both solo and as part of Hing & Nazeem.
Hing said “I’m really excited to be hosting triple j Drive with Veronica. She’s a close friend, a great comedian and someone I’ve always looked up to… wait, Veronica’s the one leaving? So I’m hosting with Lewis? Okay, I guess that’s fine.”
On the process of choosing a new co-host, Lewis adds “I only had one demand for Veronica’s replacement: find me someone who has run for the Australian senate AND been nominated for Bachelor of the Year. If I knew that meant I’d end up with Michael Hing I would’ve made a different demand. But here we are.”




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